Sunday, January 30, 2005

Free t-shirts (I hope)

So I just completed the forms to get my free t-shirts from Pepsi. Of course, I selected my Pittsburgh Steelers , hopefully I will get it, as I waited til the last day to send it. Just a side note, I haven't really watched any football games in about three to four years, as I hate the free agency and how teams move all the time. But I do keep up with the NFL some, looking at the paper or seeing it on the web.

I haven't said it yet, but I am having more car problems. It will crank, but won't start, and hasn't started since I got it back. I called my mechanic up, and he said it may be the thicker oil they put in, when they did the oil change. I have no idea, as I am not a mechanic. I have tried starting it a few times the past couple days, and always the same thing. *sighs* I hate this, not knowing exactly what's wrong, and afraid this will cost me money, which I really can't afford.

Changed my default browser to Firefox today. Used to be IE, but as I don't need IE to play AC anymore (not that I play AC as much as I used to... I think I been on AC for a total of one hour in the past two months), I figured I may as well change it. If you haven't tried Firefox yet, run, don't walk, and get it. Then browse through the extensions. Make sure to get AdBlocker.