Friday, January 28, 2005

Morning time

Had two unremarkable days off, like most of my other days off. Sometimes I wish they were more exciting, like now, but other times, I am content with them, which is most times.

Been reading some of other blogs around here, posted on a few. It's interesting to read them, too interesting in times. They are like day time talk shows, which I don't like watching. I have enough problems of my own, and some of the shows they have shouldn't even be aired.

Also played WoW some, not much though, as it doesn't hold my attention as AC did, which I am glad. AC as a game was great, and too damn addictive. Looking back, I wish I could take back the time I played. Definately didn't help me at all in real life. And in all honesty, getting into AC was probably one of the biggest mistakes I ever did. Ranks right up there, when I started smoking (I don't anymore), and working with my mother in her business (don't do that anymore either)