Sunday, February 27, 2005

Still no word.

Didn't expect any, and when I got home, there was none. I am glad she isn't trying to contact me, 'cause I feel so betrayed by her. She betrayed in at least four different ways:

1) She was willing to send a nude picture of herself to another guy.

2) She wanted me to send it for her.

3) She didn't care what I thought about the whole thing.

4) She has made no effort at all, to rectify things, or even get ahold of me.

Granted, even if she left me a message, I don't think I could forgive her. We (meaning her and I) had a discussion about a related subject one time. She stated, she would never be able to forgive me, if I cheated on her. She said also, that if she ever cheated on me, she thinks that I would forgive her. I remember thinking to myself, that I probably would forgive her, but I wasn't for certain. Based on this, I guess I wouldn't forgive her.