Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday

Was at work today, and my side was killing me. Thought it was my appendix at first, then the older lady I work with, said the appendix is down lower then where I was holding myself. Finally started to go away after lunch. Not sure what caused it, though I have my suspicions (drinking to much soda, or maybe even being hungry)

Kinda wish I had watched the Super Bowl, just to see the commercials. Been a while since I watched a Super Bowl, couldn't even tell you when I did. Ah well, maybe I will find the better ones on the 'net. Wish I had broadband, but I am stuck in BFE, so I have to make due with slow dialup. Very slow dialup, 26.4 to be exact. Ah well.

Looks to be a slow news day, I guess everyone was home watching the Super Bowl, so I'll cut this off here.