Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dream I had last night.

Dreamt about someone, she wasn't a girlfriend, but she was a good friend. And we had sex a couple times. Her name is K, and she was/is the jailer's daughter.
I don't remember when and where I first met her, I'm thinking at work, cause I used to work with her (I was a cook at a chicken place, and she was a a waitress.)
So one night, me and another cook (J) went out, and he brought his wife (she worked there as well), and I don't remember where we went, but I'm almost 100% sure there was drinking involved. We went back to his place to crash, and of course the hubbie and wife had there own bed. J gave K and I a blanket, and told us we can sleep in the living room. So we laid down, and while I wanted something to happen between her and I that night, nothing did. I remember thinking, before going to sleep, if she doesn't do anything, nor will I. (more later)