Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lack of entry's.

Had a couple of entry's to be edited ("Ugh" and "") that have been sitting around for a while, just totally forgot I had them, and I haven't felt like blogging of late. I am wanting to blog now, so all is well.

My day was pretty uneventful until I got off work. Almost hit a cat (in case you don't know, I love cats, I have two of them) which would have ruined my day. Tried to get him, but he wouldn't come to me. Just hope he has a home to go to.

So I get home, and some pervert emailed me some spam about child porn, with a website. No, I didn't go look, didn't even think about it, so I have no idea if there is any, nor do I really care.
I did report them, however. I asked some people I know, and one recommended ASACP. Hopefully they can bring it down, and do something to the people who hosted that, and emailed me (though they don't want the headers).

Noticed something, when I go to bed early, (I try to go to bed at set time, 3AM) and that is I never sleep well when I do to bed early. I always wake up several times in the morning, and I feel like I don't get a good nights rest. Which really sucks, for them days, er nights, that I am really tired.

Not sure what happened to my old counter, but it disappeared. Going back to Bravenet for now, til I can find something better, and I like. My problem, is I don't want to spend any money, and I want alot of features. Yea, I know, beggars can't be choosers, so either I make do or spend the money. Blah.