Monday, March 28, 2005

Still no email.

Still haven't been able to install my office suite. Thinking about using Outlook Express til I can get it working, as I am sure Outlook will import it. Just sucks, not having email for about a week, and it could go longer.

Been getting alot of free songs from iTunes, via the Pepsi bottle caps. A friend has been giving me all of hers, and of course I have mine that I get.
Been running out of ideas on what to get, as I have alot of music on my hard drive. I was up to 20 free songs last night, now down to 12. I really hope I win an iPod, that would be so cool. And would save me some money, so I won't have to buy one.

Bought the seeds last night, to start a garden. Not sure on how it will turn out, but it will give me something to do. Got 9 different seeds; corn, watermelon, cantoloupe, pumpkin, peppers, and some others.

Never finished this (I seem to have this bad habit of not completing these posts), but I'm gonna publish it.