Saturday, April 30, 2005

Been feeling sick lately....

Been sick for the past few days, which has sucked. Was so bad yesterday, I called in sick, and I normally don't like to do that. But when you can barely talk, and I work in retail, what would be the point? And, I was thinking it woulad make it worse.
The best thing about it, was the timing.... I can't talk to my girlfriend for 9 whole days!! But with me being sick, and barely able to talk, this lets me rest my throat, and hopefully come Wednesday, I will be all well.
Speaking of my girlfriend, I miss her, alot. She asked me to limit my IM's that I send her, so I have been doing as she has asked. *sighs* There is more to this then I am letting on, but I am not going to delve into it here. Just really missing her right now.
Was gonna make this longer, but I am going to cut it short.