Thursday, April 07, 2005


Chatted with my ex last night, and there were tears involved. *sighs* So hard to type right now, but not for the reason most people would guess. Just having to let some dogs out every five minutes, and well, you try to write something when you are being interrupted every five minutes.
She ended up asking me, "If you could tell me one thing, without ANY worry about how I'd feel...what would you say?" I said, that things would have worked out. Say what you want, but that is how I feel. I guess I used to have archaic feelings about love. I thought love was able to conquer all, that if you truly loved someone, that everything would fall in place, and you would end up happily ever after. But it doesn't. All my dreams and hopes, shattered, and I'm guessing, irrevocably. That right there, I can't describe the void I feel.
She told me to tell her that I love her. I did. I do love her, more then anything in the world I do. And the way she asked me, I don't know, I know her very well, but the way she asked me, hard to describe, but it felt like it was very important to her that I told her.