Saturday, April 23, 2005

My girlfriend and I.

Been spending alot of time with my girlfriend lately, which I love to do. Her voice is like music, I could listen to her all day, and just lose myself in her voice. I really cannot wait til I move, to be with her. Yea, I do get scared, cause that will be a major change, but she is worth it. That, and so much more.
She sends me txt messages, and I need to figure out how I want to keep them. I think it would be nice to read them again in the future sometime. I have a notoriously bad memory, and it helps me remember things. Most days it's a curse, but sometimes it's a blessing... though I would rather remember things.
I thought I had lost them yesterday, and I was like, what the hell. Then I looked into some more, and I found them, but I felt like I had lost something important.

Thought I just lost this entry, as I wasn't logged in, and when I hit publish, it asked me to log in. Glad I had read that they have that "recover post" function, and even better that it actually worked.