Friday, April 01, 2005

The pope and I

Was reading on how grave of a condition is, with the pope, and here I am shedding a tear for him. No joke (it is April Fool's Day after all), me, the atheist. Well, most days I feel like I am an atheist, some times I feel like I am agnostic.
Just read the definitions of both, and I guess I remember agnostic wrong. I seem to remember it being there is a God, but he is uncaring. The definition at Wikipedia, if I read it correctly, is that it is unknown if there is a higher power(s).
Agnosticism is the philosophical and theological view that spiritual truths, such as the existence of God, gods or deities, is either unknown or inherently unknowable.
Regardless, when the Pope does pass away, I hope he goes peacefully.