Monday, April 11, 2005


All but two of the dogs are gone! Had to wake up a little early, to help one of mother's friends load up the van, but that was no biggy, I just went back to bed after that.
Speaking of mother's friends, our neighbor came by yesterday while I was at work, and she asked him if he could till the land, where I want to plant my garden. He tried to do it with a shovel, and apparently it was too hard, so he is going to try and use his tiller, but he doesn't know if it is strong enough.... kind of makes me wonder if thats a good place for me to plant my garden then.

Today is the last day for the free music on Pepsi bottle caps, from iTunes. Looking at my iTunes, I have 123 songs, and 7 free songs I can still get. So 130 songs, all for free. I love free :)