Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bread ties and milk rings.

I have two cats, H and L, and I love them, and am glad I took them with me, when I moved to be closer to my girlfriend.

I live in a small place, and when I first moved here, I felt really bad for my cats, cause I thought they were bored. Still feel that way some, especially for H. But not L, not anymore. Instead of spending money on him for toys toys, I'm just going to let him play with a bread tie from now on.

On second thought, after looking for a picture of a bread tie and coming across this on Yahoo, I may just let him play with a milk ring so he doesn't poke his eye, or try to eat it. Coincidently, I just bought a gallon of milk today, and I just gave it to him, and of course to throw me off balance, H plays with it first. Go figure. L did play with it after H was done, and had a ball, so now I just need to find the two bread ties I gave him.