Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A fifth notebook

I keep a notebook, that I write in. Sometimes it is little notes for myself, like my shopping list, or just to write down ideas. But mainly what I use it for, is to write down my thoughts about my girlfriend.

I think alot (while driving, and at work) and over-analyze everything in our relationship, and just have very low esteem about myself, and our relationship. The notebook allows me to put them down in writing, and is very therapeutic for me. Definately has helped me out, by allowing me to write things down, expressing myself, or allowing me to "say" something to my girlfriend, without her actually being there.

Anyways, I just finished my fourth one, and about to start a new one, when I think of something to write about. I have thought about making a new blog, and transferring them to there, but it's just a passing thought, and something I won't do. While I do write the thoughts, I pretty much consider them to be my girlfriend's notebooks, to do as she pleases, which is for now, just to read them to her when she wants to hear what I have to say.