Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A theory I have about black holes.

Was reading a post here, and the guy was talking about black holes, and I have a theory on them.
We know some stuff about black holes, like that nothing can escape a black hole's gravity pull, and if you get caught in the event-horizon, you aren't escaping. Not even if you are light.
I don't think time can escape a black hole's event-horizon. Time can be affected by gravity, and it stands to reason based on that, that time would be affected by a black hole.
Which to me, means that something can live for a very long time, if not forever, because time would stand still in an event-horizon.
I got that idea from two sources, the movie Star Trek:Generations, and the TV series Space: Above and Beyond.
ST:G cause of what Kirk was in, when Picard found him, and time seemed to stand still if I remember right.
S:AnB was from one episode, where a pilot gets caught in a black hole, and I started wondering what would happen to him if that actually happened. I remember a Johnny Cash song being played, Ring of Fire, which I have liked ever since then.