Monday, March 06, 2006

Just a bad law

Here we have a NJ Assemblyman, Peter J Biondi, who is introducing a bill that would require all ISP's and websites with comments/forums to demand user information of all posters.
Not only would this be a nightmare to keep up with for both ISP's and websites, but there is a reason why alot of people post anonymously. Some examples are (from Lawgeek)
gay teens in homophobic areas often go online to ask questions anonymously about their sexual identity; sexual assault victims often seek support and recovery resources anonymously online; and patients interested in controversial procedures like abortion often need anonymity to seek medical information safely.

Another reason is we would lose our privacy. Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines would have us in there search engine results, and easily accessible by anyone and everyone. This would be the start of Big Brother watching over all of us.

Like I said, just overall a very bad law, however well-intentioned.

New Jersey Assemblyman introduced bill to force online identification